Sunday School Class 3


While doing a bit of housekeeping around the church, we’ve found many, many old pictures in file cabinets, boxes and books. If you recognize this pic, feel free to add a comment below. We’d love to know what you know!

Sunday School6

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3 thoughts on “Sunday School Class

  • Corinne Watson

    My brother, Ralph Gandy lll is the first child on the left end of the front row. Third over on the front row might be Jane Pittman. Sixth over on the front row us Billy Hugh Smith. Is that Graham Jenkins third from right on the front row? Second from right is Stevie Pittman. Mrs. Katie Yates is the adult on the far right. She was our Sunbeam teacher. Is this a Sunbeam Group maybe?

  • Corinne Watson

    My mother told me that on this day my brother Ralph absolutely refused to wear shorts. She said that it was hot and the only blue jeans that fit him were way too long…so as you see, Ralph’s jeans are rolled up almost to his knees!